July 28, 2023 1:00pm

Power Poll Predictions for 2023 NFL Season

Looks like most are picking the Bengals

By Bruce Dobie Power Poll CEO, and Rick Gosselin

Repeat Super Bowl champions are about as rare as 70-degree summer afternoons in Dallas. The NFL has not had a repeat winner in two decades.

So given that the past is prologue and does not favor a Chiefs repeat, who do Power Poll NFL participants see taking it all instead?

A fairly significant number of respondents—37%—favor the Cincinnati Bengals and the youthful gunslinger Joe Burrow, who apparently banged up his calf this week. In second place, a robust number of respondents—23%—picked the Philadelphia Eagles as champion. (Full results to all our questions below)

Meanwhile, in our other predictive question about the upcoming season, we again let history be our guide. That is, the record books show that in eight of the last nine seasons a team that finished last place one year wound up in first place the following year. And so we asked this question—which team that finished last in 2022 stands the best chance of winning a division title in 2023?

A thundering 44% went with the New York Jets. Obviously, Power Pollers feel as if there’s still gas in the tank for Green Bay refugee Aaron Rodgers.

In second place, the Atlanta Falcons were the choice of 30% of respondents, having turned in a 7-10 record in 2022 under wunderkind coach Arthur Smith. Great things have been expected of Smith ever since he departed the Tennessee Titans where he was offensive coordinator.

Below are complete answers to our questions in this most recent Power Poll:

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