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General Information

No. It is decidedly non-partisan. Power Poll recognizes that our political dialogue is sharply divided. It aims to create dialogue and consensus among those with influence, not division.

In the very old days of newspaper-centric journalism, editors and publishers performed the role of editorial gatekeeper. They determined what we read. Fast forward to the creation of the Internet, when the means of production were handed off to everyone. Individuals seeking an audience seized Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and whatever else, to express an opinion.

But not all opinions are equal. The opinion of a billionaire engaged in philanthropic or business affairs is more important than that of a 14-year-old posting a selfie. Lost in the noise of worthless tweets and posts in the Internet age are the independent thoughts, beliefs and opinions of those who truly matter. Power Poll engages a diverse collection of thought leaders, influencers, activists, power players, and more, and asks them to provide the content.

We rely on professional journalists in our markets to help develop the Power Poll lists, write the survey questions, and summarize the results.

Our market correspondents fall in two baskets:

In the first basket are veteran reporters who used to work in journalism and have recently taken early retirement or been laid off because of contraction in the industry. They know who holds power and influence in their markets and what issues are on their minds.

In the second basket are news organizations (daily newspapers, business publications, digital-only news publications) that we partner with to operate Power Polls in their cities. For example, the first newspaper we partnered with was the Chattanooga Times Free Press, a daily newspaper. In that case, the survey became the Chattanooga Times Free Press Power Poll. That's how we brand all our Power Poll media partnerships.

Member Information

To the absolute best of our ability, yes. All member data is encrypted and is accessible only by the absolute smallest number of people necessary to run the Power Poll service (all of whom are Power Poll team members - we do not outsource anything). With regard to votes, no one, with the exception of our CTO, even has the ability to access that information.

Current Power Poll Members can invite new Members. The details of the current program can be found here.

Yes, response levels are extraordinarily high and we thank our members for that. In our survey results, we always post response percentages among our membership. Also: unsubscribes average under 5 percent.