Communication Settings

You can manage which types of Power Poll communications you receive and, for some types, how you receive them.

Setting your communication preferences

You can set which type(s) of Power Poll communications you receive and additionally, how you prefer to receive each type.  Here's how to manage this feature:

  1. Sign into the Power Poll Dashboard. See Signing into Power Poll for more information.
  2. Click "My Account."
  3. In the "Communication & Delivery Methods" section you will find a matrix of correspondence types (Poll announcements, Event invitations, etc.) with columns corresponding to delivery methods (email, text, etc.) available for each type.  Simply check the box for the appropriate type and delivery method.
  4. Save your profile.

There's one thing to note, though: if you unsubscribe from surveys altogether, your account will become inactive over time and you will stop receiving all Power Poll correspondence.


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