The Agora FAQ

What is It?

The Agora is a video conference room where Power Poll Members can gather to talk about anything they want.  Each Power Poll Area has its own room, accessible to only the Members from that Area.

How Do I Access The Agora?

  1. Find your Power Poll Area's page (choose it from the "Select a Location" menu at the top right of each page).
  2. Select "The Agora" under the "Area Information" section.

How Does it Work?

The Agora uses a technology called WebRTC to facilitate the video conference.  WebRTC is a feature built into most web browsers that allows them to access your computer, phone, or tablet's camera and microphone.  The audio and video streams are then routed through a server and broadcasted to other participants.  WebRTC is an open-standard supported by over 95% of all browsers currently in use. If your browser is one of the few that does not support WebRTC, you will need to update it or change browsers. See Browser Compatibility for more information.

Is it Secure?

We only allow Power Poll Members to participate in The Agora.  Power Poll Members must sign in to access The Agora.  Additionally, Agora sessions cannot be recorded through the videoconferencing platform.

How Many Members Can Join?

Though WebRTC is only limited to the processing power and bandwidth of whatever device you are using, we currently cap each Agora room to 20 Members in an attempt to ensure a good experience for everyone.

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