Event Videoconferencing Common Issues

Here are some of the most common issues people experience when participating in a Power Poll videoconference event.


Feedback and Echo

Feedback is caused by the output of speakers being picked up by the microphone, then re-transmitted through the speakers.  Browsers and operating systems have echo-cancellation mechanisms built in, which do a good job of eliminating feedback from your microphone and speakers.  However, most feedback is caused by other participants broadcasting your audio and reintroducing it into the mix.


  • Ensure that participants who are not talking are muted.  The Power Poll videoconference system has an auto mute feature that will mute participants automatically after a few seconds of inactivity.  You can try this feature.
  • Wear headphones/AirPods/earphones.  If every participant does this, it will absolutely eliminate all feedback and echo.
  • Do not have multiple browsers open.
  • Do not have other participants in the same room on a different device.


Video Disappears

When a video disappears from a session and it's not due to a participant simply turning off his/her camera, the reason is typically because of a bandwidth limitation.  If other participants can see the video, but you cannot, then your network speed is the cause.  If no one can see a participant, his/her network speed is the cause.


  • Do nothing.  The system will automatically attempt to reduce quality as needed and the video is likely to reappear.
  • If you are on a WiFi connection, move your computer closer to a WiFi access point.  Using an Ethernet connection, if possible, will always be more stable than wireless and could improve performance.


The Video Froze / Something Else is Wrong


  • Check your network. Can you get to other websites?
  • Click refresh on your browser. You will be asked to rejoin and will be placed back into the session.

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