September 17, 2021 6:00am

Baton Rouge Power Poll: Amazon is great news for Baton Rouge, respondents say

From the new Baton Rouge operations to the impact on the U.S. more generally, opinions are positive.

Photo of Matthew Albright
By Matthew Albright
Baton Rouge, LA Correspondent

Amazon has come to Baton Rouge in a big way, and our local Power Poll respondents think that's great news.

They mostly see positive news in Amazon's expanded operations in the area, the centerpiece of which is a multi-million-dollar fulfillment center. Most respondents said the new investments are "a very good thing," with only a handful saying it was a "somewhat good thing" or a "somewhat bad thing."

At the national level, Amazon is facing some criticism for the way it treats its workers and how it affects small businesses. But, again, most of our respondents said the company's growth has a positive impact on the U.S. -- though this time more said it was a "somewhat good thing" than a "very good thing."

One of the main criticisms of Amazon nationally is that it puts enormous pressure on small businesses. But our respondents don't see it happening here: They either said the company has a neutral affect on Baton Rouge small businesses or even a slightly positive one.

We asked our respondents how much they use Amazon themselves as consumers. And they use it a lot! Everyone said they used it frequently, and most said they used it very frequently.

About Power Poll: Power Poll asks questions of the most powerful, influential people in U.S. cities. It is not a scientific survey. But because the people responding to the surveys comprise the leadership structure of their cities, the results afford a fascinating glimpse into the thoughts, opinions, and beliefs of those in a position to make change. Power Poll is distinctly nonpartisan.

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