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The Power of Voice is Here.

We bring together the country's most influential leaders with community impact who drive change.

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What we Do

Join over 37,000 members participating on our civic engagement platform representing business, government, nonprofits, education, and the arts, among other industries within the community.

Our members are engaged with us, sharing their opinions, thoughts, and positions on critical opportunities and issues facing their communities creating consensus to drive growth and change.

Simply, your voice matters.

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How We Do It

We know our members have limited time, so we make sharing their thoughts, opinions, and positions quick and easy.
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Chosen based on their contributions to the community as well as their influence within it.

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Monthly 3-5 minute polls specific to each city's critical opportunities and issues.

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Shared via email to members exclusively in an article summarizing and reporting on member voting written by the city's local correspondent.

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Members comment to elaborate on their position within the poll and article building consensus to further growth and change within the community.

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