Power Poll Pro Football Pre-Season Rankings

September 11, 2020 3:00pm
Bruce Dobie

Titans Come in at #7

Welcome to the inaugural Power Poll Pro Football Rankings! Below are the results of the poll as voted on by you, the members of the Nashville Sportswriters Power Poll. We will be updating these rankings as the season progresses and taking additional polls having mostly to do with local and divisional topics. Thank you for your participation!


1st  Kansas City Chiefs

2nd  Baltimore Ravens

3rd  San Francisco 49ers

4th  New Orleans Saints

5th  Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6th  Seattle Seahawks

7th  Tennessee Titans

8th  Dallas Cowboys

9th  Green Bay Packers

10th  Minnesota Vikings

11th  Pittsburgh Steelers

12th  New England Patriots

13th  Buffalo Bills

14th  Philadelphia Eagles

15th Indianapolis Colts

16th  Los Angeles Rams

17th  Atlanta Falcons

18th  Houston Texans

19th  Denver Broncos

20th  Las Vegas Raiders

21st  Cleveland Browns

22nd  Detroit Lions

23rd  Arizona Cardinals

24th  Chicago Bears

25th  Los Angeles Chargers

26th  New York Giants

27th  Carolina Panthers

28th  New York Jets

29th  Cincinnati Bengals

30th  Miami Dolphins

31st  Washington Football Team

32nd  Jacksonville Jaguars

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