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Nashville Sportswriters Week 7 Poll Results

Tannehill shines, Lewan injury is problematic

Nashville Sportswriters  |  October 21, 2020 1:00pm  |  Bruce Dobie

The Titans managed two wins last week beating the previously undefeated Buffalo Bills as well as divisional rival Houston Texans. Next up, the Titans will face an undefeated Steelers team in Nashville on Sunday. This is the 5th game in NFL history between two undefeated teams in Week 7 or later. The previous four winners of such games have gone on to the Superbowl. Now for the results of the poll:

Power Poll members voted unanimously that Ryan Tannehill's performance this season is closer to MVP level than Derrick Henry's. Poor running backs :'(

As for the Titans marquee injuries, 92% of Power Poll members believe that the Taylor Lewan season ending injury is more harmful for the team than the absence of Adoree Jackson.

Lastly, 77% of Power Poll members believe that the Steelers defense will be more of a challenge for the Titans this weekend.