Nashville Sportswriters Poll Week 5 Results

October 9, 2020 5:00pm
Bruce Dobie

Punishment for Titans Organization Coming?

The Titans organization has been in Covid limbo for two weeks now. Today no new positives were reported and as of now they are scheduled to play the Bills on Tuesday night.


As for the results of our poll, 58% of members believe that the NFL will punish the Titans organization for the outbreak.


Do you expect the league to pass any punishment on the Titans organization for the outbreak?




Yes   58.33
No   33.33
Not sure   8.33


The 0-4 Texans fired head coach and general manager Bill O'Brien last week and 83% of members believe this move will lead to a more competetive Texans team.


Will the Texans be more competitive the remainder of the season having fired Bill O’Brien?




Yes   83.33
No   16.67

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