February 27, 2021 8:00am

Water, Mayor and "The New Normal"

70% of Respondents Say They'll Support Mayor Lumumba This Year

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Jackson, MS Correspondent

In the Jackson Power Poll for February 2021, we asked our poll participants when the pandemic will end; what they think will change post-pandemic; who they support the mayor of Jackson; and how the City handled the recent weather challenges. Here are the answers.

When we asked when people think things will get "back to normal" for in-person business and entertainment as COVID-19 vaccinations continue, a majority chose a July-Oct timeframe, with 21% saying July-Aug and 37.5% saying Sept-Oct. Nearly 38% see the "new normal" continuing through at least the holiday season of 2021.

We also asked if respondents if think their own work will change post-pandemic. 21% said they anticipate returning to business as it was before, but 62.5% said they expect more work-from-home options or less business travel as a permanent state of affairs. 17% said things will change in a more significant way.

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We asked who of the qualified candidates for Jackson's mayor our respondents support—70% chose the incumbent, Chokwe Antar Lumumba. Second place went to Other.

Finally, we asked how you think the City of Jackson did in its response to the cold-weather challenges that found people without water, heat and power in the middle week of February. 39% said the City handled the problem well given its resources, while 26% said the City should have emphasized the water system. 22% said they didn't handle things well and need better planning for cold weather.

Thanks to everyone who participated and to our sponsor this month!

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