July 6, 2021 8:00am

June 2021 Power Poll Results: Masks, Gun Violence and Marijuana

An overwhelming majority say there should be a special session for Medical Marijuana laws, but they’re more mixed on masks in Jackson and approaches to curbing violence crime.

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In the June 2021 Power Poll, we asked three questions of our Power Poll Participants. 

In Question #1, we asked if Mayor Lumumba should lift the mask mandate as July 4th weekend approaches. 39% of respondents said Yes, it was time to get on with business as usually, while 61% said we still haven't reached a high enough number of vaccinations in the city.

In Question #2, we asked a tough one—what's the MOST IMPORTANT step that the City could take to combat gun violence in 2021. While a few commentors noted that they thought it was a tough call to make and that more than one approach is the only answer, a plurality of 37.5% said the City should alllocate more police resources to the challenge. Second, at 21%, were those who said the City should organize and elevate community leaders to prevent violence crime.

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In Question #3, we asked if our Power Poll participants thought the governor should call a special session to enact Medical Marijuana laws. 83% said yes.

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