July 17, 2020 5:00pm

July 2020 Power Poll: Face Masks, Public Schools and a Statue at City Hall

Respondents are split on how public schools should approach opening in the Fall

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Jackson, MS Correspondent

Results are in from the July Power Poll, powered by JFP Digital Services, where we asked our power poll participants three questions—two related to COVID response and one about the statue of Andrew Jackson at City Hall in the capital city.

In our first question, we asked what the governor should be doing given the rise of COVID-19 infections in late June and early July 2020. Only 7% said the governor's current response is adequate, and not one respondent agreed with the governor's current policy of making county-by-county decisions.

49% want mandatory masks in public settings while keeping both essential and non-essential businesses open. 29% wanted an even more stringent policy, with half of those saying close some non-essential businesses and the other half wanting them all closed.

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In our second question, we asked whether public schools should be planning to open in the Fall given COVID-19 infection rates. Only 12% said all public schools should open on time. 42% said that schools should focus their resources on distance learning, while 42% said it should be a district-by-district decision. 

Finally, 76% of respondents said they support removing the statue of Andrew Jackson at City Hall in Jackson, Miss., and replacing it with one of Medgar Evers. 14% said no, they don't support that move, while 10% had a different opinion or none at all.

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