December 1, 2021 6:00am

Death Penalty, Garbage Contracts and Dollars for Parks in Jackson

Jackson Power Poll: November 2021 Results

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In this month's Power Poll we asked our participants three questions ranging in topics. Here's what our respondents said.

In response to the question "For the first time in nine years, Mississippi executed a prison inmate for capital murder. He had initially appealed his death sentence but ultimately chose to stop his appeals. Do you support the death penalty in Mississippi?" 38% said they supported it in rare instances while 10% said it should be used more often. 48% said they don't support capital punishment at all.

Responding to this question: "After controversy earlier this fall over renewing the city's garbage collection contract, The City of Jackson has now opted for a "blind" contracting process to determine which company will get the contract once the emergency six-month contract ends. Do you support this process?" 43% said that the "blind" contract is the best approach, while 57% said they didn't. Of those, a little less than half said it's because the politicians will figure out whose bid is whose, while a little more than half said it's important to know the quality and experience of the company making the bid.

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In our third question, respondents pondered this: "Five parks in Jackson are getting a combined $100,000 from Hinds County for improvements. The money comes from $45 million in COVID relief funds the country received. Some parks also received money from the State of Mississippi in 2021, including $500,000 for Pete Brown Golf Course in Jackson. Do you support these expenditures?" Support for the funding was overall unanimous. With those, 19% said they agreed with park funding but that golf courses should use private funds; 43% said they support the investment and 38% said the numbers sound too low and there should be more dollars put into city parks by the county.

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