May 3, 2021 6:00am

April 2021 Power Poll Results: Jackson Zoo, Parole, COVID-19 travel

Intriguing answers this month from our Jackson Power Poll participants

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Jackson, MS Correspondent

In this month's Jackson Power Poll we asked our participants questions about the Jackson Zoo, state parole requirements, COVID-19 and their business travel plans in 2021. Here's how they responded. 

In our first question, we asked what the City of Jackson should do in the wake of the failure of negotiations with the ZoOceanarium Group to take over management of the Jackson Zoo. About 31% of respondents said the City should seek a qualified replacement, while 11.5% said the City should run the Zoo through its own Parks and Recreation department. 

Another 31% said that whoever manages the Zoo isn't as crucial as moving it from its current location. (In past years, controversial proposals have recommended moving the Zoo out of its West Jackson location.) Another 19% said that the City of Jackson should close the Zoo and move the animals elsewhere.

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In our second question, we asked respondents what they think of the Mississippi Earned Parole Eligibility Act, which passed the legislature and was signed by Governor Tate Reeves this month. That act loosens parole requirements for some offenders. Fully 56% of respondents said that they approve of the law and feel that it goes far enough; 24% approve of the law but feel that it still doesn't cover enough offenders, including some deemed "habitual" serving sentences for non-violence crimes without the possibility of parole. One respondent said that they disapprove of loosening parole requirements.

In our final two questions, we focused on COVID-19. We asked our respondents their plans for getting a vaccination, and 88.5% said they are already fully vaccinated, while 11.5% said they would get a vaccination later. No respondents reported currently being in the process of becoming vaccinated.

Finally, we asked about business travel plans for 2021. Over two-thirds of our respondents plan business travel this year, with nearly 31% saying they're already traveling for business and another 38.5% saying they plan business travel and/or attendance at in-person events by summer. Another 31% said they plan to travel or attend in-person events by the end of the year; no respondents said they didn't plan to attend in-person events in 2021.

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