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Miami's Power Group says Storming the Capitol is not democracy; Fix the vaccine distribution; Not too sure about September

Miami, FL  |  February 1, 2021 6:00am  |  By Bob Oliva

Last January 6th was a traumatic event for most. A collection of politically motivated citizens and hate groups like The Three Percenters, The Oath Keepers, The Proud Boys, Texas Freedom Force, and other right-wing extremist groups stormed the Capitol, and by the time the dust settled there were five dead including a police officer. 

So why did they storm the Capitol? According to our Miami Power Poll Group it was “disinformation from many sources” with the addition that they felt threatened by the changes in the country, and also by a lack of honest and sincere leadership from government officials. Miami’s Power Group also did not see the storming of the Capitol as part of a democratic society. Was this the tipping point per Malcom Gladwell for social media top executives to get serious on monitoring constant disinformation? 

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The challenges that we find ourselves in getting the Covid vaccine is another obstacle to getting the community back to a normalized routine. The lack of planning and execution between the Federal and State/Local Governments which has led to a lot of confusion including some illegal activity is seen by far as the biggest issue but they also see the challenges of not having the vaccine production capability. Can we at some point develop a system where all local healthcare institutions are connected and can identify all Miami-Dade County citizens that meet a certain criteria to receive a specific treatment without having its citizens jump through hoops? There are Counties in Florida where elderly people are sleeping in cars in the hopes of getting the vaccine. Miami’s Power group sees this as something that should be at the top of all State/Local government agendas moving forward.

Our Miami Power Poll Group agrees with one of my favorite music groups Earth Wind & Fire’s song lyrics which goes that in September “We’ll be chasing the clouds away”. They see it due to most citizens being inoculated for Covid but they also see us still struggling to work through it. They see a moderate bounce in the Travel Industry with little evidence of additional business lock downs. Does this mean that they see 2021 as a transition year and are looking at 2022 as the breakout year?

Clearly the feeling is that we are slowly turning the corner and going to a place that while it may not be totally normal, it will be fine to high-five again. It’s been a crazy and historic January, one that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. We’ll keep taking the pulse of the Power Group as we navigate the rest of this year.

Cheers to 2021 and Stay Safe until the vaccine,



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