Miami Dade Power Poll says; In-person and mail-in voting is safe, they trust the CDC/FDA, and law and order is a must

October 5, 2020 6:00am
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Miami, FL Correspondent

A quick look at thoughts from the Miami-Dade Power Poll on in-person and mail-in voting, who has remained credible during the pandemic, and non-peaceful protest.

With the first presidential debate now history, and a COVID-19 breakout in the White House, what else can we ask for going into the last four weeks before the elections. A quick pre-election survey on three important issues gave us a better idea on how Miami Dade Power Poll members see it going into the elections.

On the issue of in-person and mail-in voting, there does not seem to be much concern. None felt that there is a need to make it in-person voting only. The majority (81%) feel that both in-person and mail-in voting should be available with no pre-conditions, with (19%) electing that mail-in voting should only be available to those legally handicapped.

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It was totally unanimous as well (100%) on the issue on whether it was safe to vote in-person following CDC/FDA guidelines.

On who do they trust the most to provide correct information on COVID-19, again the majority (76%) look to the CDC/FDA while Local officials (14.3%), the White House (9.7%) and the Governor’s office (0%) prove that the majority still look to the CDC/FDA for correct guidance on COVID-19. 

While they may respect the First Amendment on the right to peaceful protest, they draw a hard line on looting and damaging private property. The majority (90.5%) believe that those that loot and damage property should be arrested and charged, with a minority (9.5%) opting to consider each unique event.

Clearly, all the non-stop social media campaign to discredit the voting process has had little effect. The majority believe that both in-person and mail-in voting is legit and has worked. The fact that they believe that it is safe for in-person voting following CDC guidelines, and that the CDC is also the most trusted  for COVID-19 information proves that the CDC/FDA is still the trusted source. They have taken a stricter stance on non-peaceful protest with 100% voting to take legal action with a small fraction willing to consider unique situations.

We are now going into the final four weeks before the election with a lot of "ifs", so we’ll be back to take the pulse just before the final tally.

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