Is Miami-Dade County ready for Phase II? ........Miami Dade Power Poll says not so fast.

August 31, 2020 8:00am
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With Governor Ron DeSantis talking about moving on to Phase II and the Miami Dolphins and The University of Miami announcing that they will play their football home games in front of a limited fan base, the process is in motion for the opening of Miami-Dade County. We decided to take the pulse of our Miami-Dade Power Poll members on the issue and we found that while almost 44% say that it is time to open up, close to 56% say “not yet” or need more information. So clearly the majority think that we need more data and time before we enter Phase II. 

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When are they are expecting business activity to return to pre-covid-19 levels? Almost half (48%) expect it to return when a vaccine is available, with 35% thinking that they need more information, and 13% not expecting a return until 2022. Adding to this is that 100% think that Tourism is the main economic driver, but with the present travel spending -44% versus 2019 it may take a bit longer to get back to pre-COVID levels.




According to the World Health Organization developing a vaccine from start to finish takes an average of ten years, and an investment of five hundred million dollars. However in today's get-it-done-asap urgent moment, it looks like the COVID-19 vaccine will be available in an incredible 18 months. So what are they expecting when this vaccine is available? How many will lineup to take it? A clear majority (65%) think that 70% will take it, while another 40% think that 35% will. So the challenge will be the accessibility of the vaccine which may take longer that many think since there will be high demand from all countries around the world. 



Is Miami-Dade County ready to open for business? We will find out as we start the journey into what we hope will be the final post-COVID-19 era.


Best & Stay safe,

Bob Oliva

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