September Memphis Power Poll Results

September 27, 2021 6:00am
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By Dann Miller
Memphis, TN Correspondent

What leaders in the Bluff City think about topics driving local conversations.

The Power Poll is a monthly survey sent to more than 425 influential business, political, nonprofit and cultural leaders in the Bluff City. The poll is presented by The Commercial Appeal and sponsored by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee and DVL Seigenthaler - Finn Partners.

The September Power Poll focused on several different topics in the news recently.

The September Memphis Power Poll:

Given the uptick in COVID-19 cases and the Delta variant, should health officials consider adding back some safety restrictions

  • 67.1% — Only when cases are significantly lower than they are now
  • 11.0% — When cases are a little bit lower than they are now
  • 12.2% — Now
  • 9.8% — In two weeks when the order expires

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Should the Tennessee Valley Authority bury coal ash from the retired Allen Fossil Plant in Shelby County?

  • 4.9% — Yes
  • 32.1% — No
  • 21.0% — Yes, if it's done safely
  • 42.0% — I need more information

With more people coming down with breakthrough COVID-19 cases, are you more worried about contracting the virus even if you are vaccinated?

  • 15.8% — Yes -- I am much more worried
  • 61.0% — Yes -- but no more so than normal
  • 23.2% — No -- I am not worried at all

University of Memphis M. David Rudd recently floated the idea of building an on-campus football stadium. What do you think?

  • 8.5% — It's necessary
  • 45.1% —Worth considering
  • 46.3% — Not necessary

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