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Memphis Power Poll: Our Chief Priorities are Economic Development and Crime & Public Safety

Memphis, TN  |  November 1, 2019 7:00am  |  Power Poll Reports

Economic development and crime and public safety are the clear priorities the city and newly re-elected Mayor Jim Strickland should focus on, according to the most recent Memphis Power Poll.

When asked to list their number one priority out of a possible six, 46% said economic development and 40% said crime and public safety should be the city's top priorities. The others (transportation and infrastructure, affordable housing, city finances, and downtown redevelopment) each received less than 9 percent of the vote.

When asked to list their second and third priorities, one other issue did jump into the mix and show some mojo: transportation and infrastructure. For instance, when people were asked to list their third priority, transportation and infrastructure placed first.

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Roughly speaking, the order of finish, therefore, went this way: Economic development, crime and public safety, transportation and infrastructure, affordable housing, downtown redevelopment, and city finances.


As you know, the Power Poll is not a scientific poll. We survey the city's leadership, which is a valuable indicator of the direction of our city. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds (including publicly elected officials, private and public education leaders, business titans, non-profit heads, tourism chiefs, media players, and more).

Some 460 individuals were surveyed in this particular Power Poll, with 81 responding, for a response rate of 17.6%. To view the entire list of those who belong to the Memphis Power Poll, click here.


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