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October 2020: Marijuana, Confederates, COVID-19 and Voting

Jackson, MS  |  October 30, 2020 9:00am  |  By Todd Stauffer

October 2020: Marijuana, Confederates, COVID-19 and Voting article image

In this month's Jackson Power poll, we asked our Power Poll participants questions about COVID-19 in the state, Jackson Public Schools renaming Power APAC, whether COVID-19 has affected their plans to vote, and their opinion of Initiative 65 for Medical Marijuana legalization in Mississippi. Here are the results.

Our first question focused on whether Governor Tate Reeves' current plan for the pandemic—which focuses on county-by-county mask mandates and social distancing requirements—is better than a statewide mask mandate. 94% of respondents preferred a statewide mandate, with 6% saying the county-by-county approach is best.

We also asked if COVID-19 had affected our respondents plan to vote—73% said they're concerned about COVID-19, but plan to vote in person, while 15% said they aren't worried about COVID-19, and plan to vote in person. 9% said they voted absentee, and one person said they don't plan to vote.

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Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba recently joined the Mississippi Municipal League in coming out against Initiative 65, which would legalize medical marijuana through a ballot initiative this fall. 55% of respondents disagree with the mayor, saying that Initiative 65 is a good plan, while 21% said they support medical marijuana, but not Initiative 65. 9% are against medical marijuana legalization and 15% aren't sure or don't have an opinion.

Finally, Jackson Public Schools has announced that Power APAC is to be renamed, with the final vote on the name going to students. 79% support renaming Power APAC, which currently honors a Confederate military leader who later became a newspaper owner in Jackson. 15% oppose renaming, and 6% express no opinion.