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Jackson Power Poll January 2021 Results: Medicaid, Insurrection and Vaccinations

Jackson, MS  |  January 29, 2021 10:00am  |  By Todd Stauffer

Jackson Power Poll January 2021 Results: Medicaid, Insurrection and Vaccinations article image

In this month's Power Poll, we took stock of how the events of January 6, 2021, played out in the Mississippi national GOP caucus, as well as putting the finger on the pulse of our respondents' plans for getting the COVID-19 vaccine. We rounded things out by asking whether Mississippi should move forward this session with Medicaid expansion. Here are the answers.

When asked if they planned to get the COVID-19 vaccination, 96% of our respondents said yes; only one person replied that they didn't intend to get vaccinated. 15.4% of respondents have already started the process, while 80.8% said they're not eligible yet, but will sign up as soon as they can. No one who answered our question seemed to anticipate waiting any longer than necessary to get vaccinated. 

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For our second question, we noted that four of our representatives in Congress — Senator Hyde-Smith and Representatives Kelly, Palazzo and Guest—voted to overturn the Electoral College votes of Arizona and Pennsylvania in the hours after the insurrection in the U.S. Capitol. We asked what repercussions, if any, our poll recipients thought they should face.

While the results were mixed, at 34.6%, the plurality thought Congress should censure them. 26.9% felt they should face repercussions, but not expulsion or censure. 7.7% were for expulsion proceedings; 19.2% said they should face no formal charge but their political opponents should use those votes against them; 11.5% said they did nothing wrong.

Finally, we noted that 37 states and D.C. have expanded Medicaid; Mississippi, one of a dozen remaining that hasn't, has expansion on the docket in the Legislature this year. Fully 84.8% of respondents said it should pass the Legislature this year, while 11.5% prefer that it be put to a ballot referendum. One respondent said that Medicaid should not be expanded.