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The Power Poll is a survey and information company. Its mission is to engage powerful and influential citizens of U.S. cities and determine what's on their minds.

Power Poll aggregates email lists of public officials, business leaders, non-profit heads, important media figures and others who play a vital role in a city. We then survey this group once a month. Our survey response rates are extraordinarily high and provide important insight into where the powers-that-be in a community stand on local issues.

We seek market editors who can do the following:

  • add to the list of powerful people in their city and maintain the up-to-date quality of the list;
  • write, and send out, one question a month to the editor's respective Power Poll member list;
  • publish a story reflecting each month's survey results and then email the story back to the Power Poll member list.

Market editors should have the following:

  • a deep awareness and understanding of their cities and its leading players;
  • an ability to write, meet deadlines, and get the facts straight;
  • a background in journalism;
  • basic computer skills (Power Poll's content platform is web-based).

If you are interested in launching a Power Poll in your market, please fill out the following form and we will contact you.

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