June 21, 2021 8:00am

Broward Leaders Oppose Governor's "No Vaccine' Stance on Cruise Ships

Survey Takers Say They Would Not Feel Safe Cruising with Unvaccinated Passengers

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By Sallie James
Fort Lauderdale, FL Correspondent

Broward leaders would not feel safe cruising with unvaccinated passengers and disagree with the governor's negative stance on vaccine passports, according to the Tenth Fort Lauderdale Power Poll survey results.  The survey focused on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' position on vaccine requirements as it relates to the cruise ship industry, a topic that has been fraught with controversy.

Our first Power Poll question asked community leaders if they agreed with Gov. DeSantis' position that cruise lines cannot require passengers to show proof of vaccinations. The results were overwhelmingly no, with 11.1 percent of the respondents agreeing; 11.1 percent disagreeing and 77.8 percent strongly disagreeing.

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In our second Power Poll question, we asked Broward leaders if they would feel safe going on a cruise with unvaccinated passengers. The majority of the respondents said no. Of those who answered, 2.2 were neutral, 22.2 disagreed and 55.6 percent strongly disagreed.


Our third Power Poll question asked our survey takers if they agreed with the Governor's characterization of vaccine requirements as "crippling," "ridiculous," and "unlawful" as well as his claims that CDC's requirement for unvaccinated people to wear masks was "baseless," and "anti-science." Our survey takers responded with a resounding "no," with 11.1 percent disagreeing and 88.9 percent strongly disagreeing.

Our fourth Power Poll question focused on Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings announcement that it will start cruising from Miami in August with fully vaccinated passengers in violation of the Governor's order. We asked our survey takers if the cruise line should be fined by the state. The answer was an overwhelming "no," with 11.1 percent agreeing with the fine and 88.9 percent strongly disagreeing with the fine.

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