October 18, 2021 6:00am

Broward Leaders Give Thumbs Down to Reduced COVID Restrictions in Schools

Fear of increased infections among students is big concern

Photo of Sallie James
By Sallie James
Fort Lauderdale, FL Correspondent

Results of our 14th Fort Lauderdale Power Poll showed great concern among Broward leaders for recent changes in quarantine requirements for students. Our survey results showed that the majority of community leaders who took the survey gave a resounding thumbs down to the elimination of quarantine requirements for students who have been exposed to COVID-19.

Broward leaders also showed interest in on-site COVID testing at area schools as well as continued support for the now-defunct four-day quarantine period for those who have been exposed to the virus.

Our first Power Poll question asked Broward leaders if they supported the recent decision to eliminate the need for quarantine if an exposed student was not symptomatic. One hundred percent of those who answered disagreed with the decision, with 50 percent strongly disagreeing and 50 percent disagreeing.

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Our second Power Poll question asked poll takers if they supported the previously-required four-day quarantine for students who had been exposed to COVID-19. One hundred percent of the respondents said they supported the four day quarantine, with 66.7 percent agreeing and 33.3 percent strongly agreeing.

Our third Power Poll question focused on infection rates. We wondered if anyone was worried that infection rates in schools might rise if infected, asymptomatic students were allowed to attend without quarantining. One hundred percent of the respondents said "yes," with 66.7 strongly agreeing and 33.3 percent agreeing.

Our fourth Power Poll question asked about on-site testing at schools. We asked our survey takers if they would support on-site COVID-19 testing at schools to help curb the asymptomatic spread of the virus. One hundred percent of the respondents said "yes," with 83.3 percent strongly agreeing and 16.7 percent agreeing.

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