August 16, 2021 9:00am

Broward Leaders Favor School Mask Mandates, Oppose Governor's COVID Practices

Power Poll Participants Pan Florida Governor's Pandemic Protocols

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By Sallie James
Fort Lauderdale, FL Correspondent

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' rigid opposition to mask mandates in Broward County schools did not sit well with Broward leaders who completed the 12th Fort Lauderdale Power Poll.

As COVID cases in Broward continue to rise exponentially, survey takers overwhelmingly voiced opposition to DeSantis' anti-mask position, his threat of financial penalties to participating school districts, his claim that the rise in cases are due to immigrants, and his overall handling of the simmering pandemic.

Our first Power Poll question asked participants if they agreed with DeSantis' position to make masks optional in Broward Schools, despite a huge spike in COVID-19 cases. A majority, or 72 percent of respondents, strongly disagreed with DeSantis; 9.1 percent disagreed; 9.1 percent agreed and another 9.1 percent strongtly agreed.

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In our second Power Poll question, we asked survey takers if school districts that failed to comply with DeSantis' mask optional mandate should lose state funding. The answer was a resounding "no," with 72.7 percent strongly disagreeing and 27.3 percent disagreeing. No one agreed.

Our third Power Poll question asked if the rising number of COVID cases should be blamed on President Biden's immigration policies. Again, the answer was a resounding "no" with 81.8 percent of the survey takers strongly disagreeing, 9.1 percent disagreeing and 9.1 percent of the respondents strongly agreeing.

Our final Power Poll question focused on the Governor's overall handling of the pandemic. We asked Broward leaders if they were satisfied with DeSantis' handling of the rising wave of COVID cases in Florida, which has the highest numbers in the country. The majority of respondents expressed dissatisfaction, with 72.7 percent strongly disagreeing, 18.2 percent disagreeing and 9.1 percent agreeing.

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