January 22, 2021 8:00am

Broward Leaders Blame President Trump for Capitol Riot, Support Removing Him from Office

Participants Should Be Charged

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By Sallie James
Fort Lauderdale, FL Correspondent
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As the country reels from last week's riotous attack on the Capitol, Broward leaders agree that President Trump is responsible for the mayhem and should be removed from office. During the Jan. 6th seige, thousands of Trump supporters surrounded the Capitol, broke through barricades and breached the building, smashing windows, trashing offices and wreaking havoc.  Poll results revealed resounding support to charge any rioters that could be identified. Respondents were neutral as to whether Capitol police should be held responsible for the lax security.

Our first Power Poll question asked if President Trump should be removed from office before his term ends. A majority of the poll takers said yes, with 66.7 percent strongly agreeing; 11.1 percent neutral; 11.1 percent disagreeing; and another 11.1 percent strongly disagreeing.

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Our second Power Poll question focused on whether the identifiable rioters should be charged. The answer was unanimous - 100 percent of the poll takers strongly agreed that any identifiable participants in the Capitol siege should be charged.

Our third Power Poll question asked if President's Trump's words served as the catalyst for the mob attack on the Capitol. A majority of the respondents said yes, with 66.7 strongly agreeing, 11.1 percent agreeing, 11.1 percent disagreeing and 11.1 percent strongly disagreeing.

The response to our fourth Power Poll question was lukewarm. The majority of survey takers were uncertain whether the Capitol Police should be held responsible for the inadequate security at the Capitol that enabled the riot, with 66.7 percent of the poll takers taking a neutral stance on the question; 11.1 percent strongly agreed and 22.2 percent simply agreed.



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