Back to the Kitchen

April 14, 2020 6:00am
By Jill Melton
Edible Correspondent

We're cooking a lot more and looks like we will be for a while.

These are strange times, and while we’ve adjusted our eating habits to adapt, it looks as though this will be our new normal. It’s hard to say what small businesses will make it through this pandemic, but one thing is for sure, we won’t be the same on the other side. 

As one would expect from this list of food professionals, most of you are cooking and cooking a lot. With almost half cooking and getting restaurant take out. No one is solely relying on restaurant take out, no surprise as we are taking our lockdown seriously. 

What are you cooking? Apparently, everyone is baking as grocery store shelves have been devoid for weeks of flour and yeast. Specifically, bread and pizza dough. Acts that are easily lost in the shuffle of frenetic schedules. But it was on our brain as well, as the first live Instagram video we did was on making pizza crust.  

Speaking of cooking, at Edible Nashville we have spent the better part of our time developing recipes and helping folks stay inspired in the kitchen. You can see our Instagram TV videos here and our Instagram feed here
Most of you have had some problems with empty shelves (especially if you wanted to bake) and 21% haven’t had a problem at all. As food professionals (and a large cohort of chefs in this group) it’s no surprise that you’re being resourceful and creative, per usual. The challenge is that as this goes on, our supply chain is faltering. Just this morning, the New York Times reported that meat processing plants are closing, possibly leading to meat shortages in the near future. 

67% of our Power Poll respondents don’t see restaurants opening until June or later, keeping us in our home and kitchens through May. This presents challenges for both cooking and our food supply. Many have turned to local food, which in some cases has become overwhelmed (the subject of next week’s poll). As the days go on, more restaurants throw in the towel and close. Some have reinvented themselves, providing take-out meals and family meals not typical of their menus. For now, we have worked hard to keep the community apprised of options with local restaurants through our  Complete Guide: Nashville Restaurants During COVID-19 that we update daily. Instagram has been immensely helpful in this time where things change by the day. 

There's always a silver lining, and for us, it's the opportunity to spend time in the kitchen connecting with family and food in a way not seen since Mayberry, so enjoy. Take advantage. Go to the farmer's market. Join a CSA. Beat eggs, stuff chicken breast, marinate steak and knead dough (assuming you can find flour). Until next poll. Eat well & eat local. 

A total of 95 Edible Power Poll members were surveyed these questions. 43 responded for a response rate of 45.26%. All results, as always, were anonymous. The Edible Power Poll is not a scientific poll. But if you want to know what the people who essentially run the food scene in Nashville are thinking, the Edible Power Poll is a very accurate barometer. 

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