The First 100 Days & D.C. Statehood

April 23, 2021 4:00pm
Photo of Mary Mancini
Democratic National Committee Correspondent

Joe & Kamala are Doing Great

The results for all three questions in the April DNC Power Poll were top heavy -  answered overwhelmingly in one direction. There is no doubt about it, DNC members are satisfied with the performance of the Biden/Harris administration in its first one hundred days. A large majority of you also have faith in the administration’s ability to continue to produce results. Lastly, a whopping 90.5% of respondents believe the country is ready for its 51st state.

Here are the specific questions and responses to the April DNC Power Poll.

“The end of April will mark 100 days since the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. How satisfied are you with their job performance thus far?”
Extremely satisfied: 50%
Very satisfied: 40.5%
Satisfied: 9.5%
Dissatisfied: 0%
Very dissatisfied: 0%
Extremely dissatisfied: 0%

“Negotiations surrounding President Biden’s sweeping infrastructure plan are starting to heat up. Republican opposition, led by Senate Minority Leader McConnell, is strong. Will the Biden administration be able to get the plan through Congress?”
Yes: 73.8%
No: 7.1%
Don’t know: 19.1%

“Legislation to make D.C. the 51st state advanced out of a House committee last week and will land on the floor for a full vote this week. Do you support or oppose the granting of statehood to Washington, D.C.?”
Support: 90.5%
Oppose: 2.4%
Don’t Know: 7.1%

It should come as no surprise - you’re all Democrats, after all - that your review of the Biden/Harris administration’s first 100 days was an overwhelmingly positive one. Perhaps David Axelrod put it best recently in the New York TImes, “He has found a winning formula, at least for now...his tone and tenure reassure moderates and his agenda thrills progressives.” And you’re not alone. This question was asked at the same time as several national polls were released showing the Biden approval rating amongst Democrats hovering around 95%, an amazing feat considering his non-consensus building performance during the 2020 primary season.

Almost 74% have faith in the administration’s ability to continue to perform despite stiff opposition from McConnell and his pals. Considering the same national polls referenced above have Biden’s approval amongst Republicans hovering around 10%, only 7% of you believe that Republicans will be successful in their efforts to block Biden’s sweeping infrastructure plan. 

We promised we’d incorporate reader-submitted questions and this month we used the timely question regarding D.C. statehood. Again, no surprise here since fairness is a Democratic Party value (“no taxation without representation,” am I right?). Another large marhroty of you, 90.5%, said it’s time to make D.C. the 51st state. Perhaps a follow up question should be, will D.C. statehood make it through Congress as Republicans are also hell-bent on stalling this high-profile issue as well.

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