September Survey Results

September 28, 2020 8:00am
By Bob Bernstein
Coffee Correspondent

Cafe Owners Speak Up

Cafe owners are doing okay, are getting back to normal and predict Joe Biden will be our next president, according to results of the September Coffee Power Poll.


The average score on a 1 - 10 scale for how owners were feeling aobut their business was a bit above an average yet a good percentage of them reported a high score. While 6.27 was the average score, a solid 45% reported feeling a 7 or better.



Almost 75% of cafe owners report that business is 75% back to normal. The rest say sales are between 25% - 50% of pre-covid levels.


Coffee Talk

What have you learned over the past six months?

This open-ended question produced some darn interesting responses.

  • Listen better to staff.
  • Marketing to and messaging customers more important than ever before.
  • Coffee shops might be recession proof, but they are not pandemic proof.
  • Diversify customer base.
  • It was a good reminder to be nimble and change at a moment's notice. Taught us how to look at the world a bit differently: find out what matters most to you, how to ensure you are there for others & your community, what systems in your business & your society need to be changed. In the end, it seemed as if we were learning something new every day.
  • Our business has lended itself to carry out well and people still want coffee even if they can’t stay. We’ve also implemented a seating limit due to limited seating, which was nice.
  • That this is freaking hard. Managing anxiety- mine and that of my employees - is a huge challenge.
  • In times like this, flexibility is key, as well as the need to act quickly to protect staff and capitalize on market shifts.
  • Adjust with the environment. You can choose to fight it or you can choose to adjust.
  • Don't count your chickens until the eggs have hatched...or something like that.
  • Opened a take out it was 46% of same time last year.... closed take out for winter cafe remains closed without tourists it’s hard to make money and be safe at the same time....


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