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Optimistic October

Cafe owners more optimistic.

Coffee  |  October 27, 2020 3:00pm  |  By Bob Bernstein

Cafe owners report they are more optimistic in October than the previous month as they continue to make changes in their business.

7.0. The average score in the Cafe Owner Barometer moved from 6.27 in September to a solid 7.0 out of 10 in October. The improvement came as cafes continue to open and increase business every week.

Increasing sales are clearly on the mind of owners, with 60% of the respondants in the October Power Poll rating this at the top of their list. The choice scored a 3.58 compared to the next place option "Unexpected Large Catering Order" at 2.5.

Cafe owners gave a whole bunch of input on what they are doing differently this year compared to last year.  Here's some of the responses.

  • Talking to business brokers; seriously.
  • Hours limited at cafe, added outdoor dining. Much more internet marketing for direct to consumer business.
  • Online ordering, delivery, curbside, support tasks we can't afford people to do.
  • Too much to list right now.
  • Being very lean, careful on any expenditures, eliminating any expenses that aren't needed, focus on e-commerce & retail, focus on carry out & delivery
  • Spending a LOT of time managing Store Managers' anxiety levels. Considering adding a leadership level manager of people (to support the Ops Team).
  • Everything, more tools, more exposure, adjusting to the environment daily and never taking our customers for granted (we never have)
  • Fewer sales, shorter hours, dealing with more stressed out staff
  • Limiting dine in customers to a max stay of one hour

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