Cautiously Looking Forward

November 23, 2020 10:00am
By Bob Bernstein
Coffee Correspondent

November Survey Results

Coffee business owners are a bit less optimistic and mostly happy Joe Biden won the recent presidential election, according to results of the November Power Poll.

The monthly emotional barometer dropped a bit to 6.77 from October's three-month high of a solid 7. In September the score was 6.27.

While Biden won the presidential election, he lost in this survey. By an almost 3 to 1 margin, cafe owners said they thought their business would do better under a Biden presidency than a Trump second term. Finishing ahead of Biden was "I'm just glad it's over." And finishing ahead of Trump was "Made me want to run."

In an open-ended question about how owners are feeling about covid spreading everywhere 

  • Coping.
  • We're beginning new plans as we are assuming more lockdowns are on the way and we'll have to adjust to this as soon as possible so we're ahead of it and not rushing to come up with answers.
  • Same.  Same.
  • We are surviving. With the cases skyrocketing, we are agraid for a second round of shutdowns and how thaat will look for our business. overal optimistic that we ahve trained our customers for take-out only but won't know until things progress.
  • Over worked. But happy to be here for my community.
  • Glad we are keeping safe and healthy. Being careful and hope to evade any infection. Keeping a good to-go curbside business going and online sales as well.
  • Thinking about change. Realignment to the new normal!
  • Business is down but no layoffs or Covid 19 cases among staff so far. Very worried about this winter.

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