Bad Vibes. Good Ideas

February 25, 2021 11:00am
By Bob Bernstein
Coffee Correspondent

February Power Poll Results

The February survey says, coffee business owners are less optimistic about their business and have some good ideas on how to improve this Coffee Power Poll.


The monthly Coffee Business Owner Barometer (CBOB) fell to a five month low 6.0 on a scale of 1 - 10.  This followed January's high mark of 7.2.

What's causing the downturn?

- Still nobody going to work. Still too cold for outdoor seating.

- Another six months of this will hurt.  We were mentally and finacially prepared to weathr the storm through March. Now it feels like we need to get through summer.

- Right now, the winter storms in Texas and an armed robbery at one of our locations as well as my manager putting in their notice yesterday.

Some reporting good news.

- We're seeing an increase in sales/volume.  Covid positivity rate is dropping and vaccines are rolling out.

- See the restrictions start to come to an end and picking up a few new customers.

- The sun is out and spring and vaccines are around the corner.


And how can we grow and make this Power Poll survey tool more usefull?

- Each completed survey enters you for a raffle for a prize. -

Great idea.  For March, I'm throwing in a Bongo travel mug along with a locally-made, high-end chocolate bar.  Anyone want to offer an April prize?

- Clarify whether primary target is coffeehouse owners or wholesale roasters or both or either?

Darn good point.  When I started this, I was thinking cafe owners.  Yet a few roasters wanted in.  Thus, I've been stradling the line and trying to ask questions that work for both groups.  Thus, both!

- Ask us to spread the word!  Give us the paragraph and link do so and we will do it!

Awesome!  Several different ways to nominate folks.  1) At the bottom of every survey is a link. 2) If you sign into your PowerPoll dashboard there is a link. 3) Just email me at  Once someone signs up, they'll get the same welcome letter y'all got!

- I think it's great for all owners/managers.  Should it be only one respondant per company or several?

Glad you like it!  I too find the responses interesting.  I'm fine with multiple people at same company.  I know my staff looks at things differently than I do.  But don't want it overwhelmed by one company.  So perhaps self-police this.  Bigger operations could have 2-3.  Small companies perhaps just one.










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