And the survey says....

August 17, 2020 6:00am
By Bob Bernstein
Coffee Correspondent

August Power Poll Results

Cafe owners responding to the August Power Poll are at the same time optimistic & blue. That is, they reported being a bit more optimistic about the future and solidly against President Trump.

Overall, about 46% of responders stated they a bit more optimistic or excited about their business' future. This compares to about 38% that said they are a bit down or are ready to exit. The remaining 15% felt about the same as they always do.

Roast magazine topped the other listed coffee & food trade journals for most useful information with the most First Place votes and total score. Barista and Fresh Cup not too far behind.

Cafe owners have had a wide-range experience working with their landlords and banks during this pandemic. An equal number of respondands reported these creditors gave no help, some help and other.

The survey results perpetuated the stereotype that cafe owners tend to be liberals with more than 75% reporting they are Never Trumpers and nobody reporting they were voting for the President's re-election. About 25% said they didn't care about poltics.

And lastly, about 70% of cafe owners said they have not yet had an employee test positive for Covid-19. Almost 25% of respondents shut down for about a week after someone tested positive.



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