Power Poll members weigh in: Should the Baton Rouge area have tougher development rules?

June 18, 2021 6:00am
Photo of Matthew Albright
By Matthew Albright
Baton Rouge, LA Correspondent

Generally, they say "yes."

Hello, and welcome back to the Baton Rouge Power Poll.

This month, we asked our members what they thought of efforts in and around the Baton Rouge area to put tougher rules on new developments because of concerns over things like flooding and traffic. Here's what they said:

Our respondents generally agree that the rules should be tougher. More then half said rules for new construction and development should be much stricter or somewhat stricter, and the rest said the current rules are okay; none thought the rules are currently too strict.

Our respondents generally had a negative view of how well local governments have enforced zoning rules. More than half labeled their government "somewhat ineffective" and another 18% labeled it "very ineffective." 

What issues are causing our respondents to favor tougher development rules? Overwhelmingly, they cited flooding as the main concern, which is perhaps not surprising given last month's surprise flooding and warnings of a potentially dire hurricane season. Traffic's the Number Two issue, and preserving neighborhood character is in a close third.


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