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Power Poll Chat with Ron Suskind

Atlanta, GA  |  January 8, 2021 4:00pm  |  By Bruce Dobie

Reporter, filmmaker, and media entrepreneur Ron Suskind is the author of a number of astonishing inside accounts of the last four presidents of the United States. While he avoided reporting on Trump for much of Trump's tenure, the New York Times lured Suskind back into the game just prior to the presidential election. Then, Suskind penned a blockbuster report that eerily predicted the dangerous environment we are facing today. In this Zoom chat with broadcast powerhouse John Seigenthaler, now a senior executive with Finn Partners, Suskind explores the method behind Trump's madness, the exposure we face from foreign adversaries, the possibility of Trump's removal from office, and, finally, the reason why we all might emerge stronger from this historic moment in American history.

If, after watching this program, you want to get in touch with Suskind, reach out to Andrew Walker, American Program Bureau, at awalker@apbspeakers.com (617-614-1701).



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