Partner With Us

Once a month we survey each Power Poll community on pertinent local and national topics.

Our response rates are extraordinarily high and provide insight into where the most powerful people in a community stand on issues. Over time, we are able to use data from past surveys to more-accurately predict answers to questions about the future.

Advertise with Power Poll

Power Poll can provide your company or organization targeted advertising to the most powerful group of civic influencers within any of our markets. We offer a variety of advertising products, with discounted advertising for Power Poll members:

  • Survey sponsorship: Your logo banner appears on everything related to a survey - 3+ emails, the ballot, and the results article sent to members as well as published publicly online.
  • Speaker Summit sponsorship: Your logo banner appears on the invitation and your company is thanked at the beginning of the recorded chat which is posted for the public after the spealer summit has ended.
  • Sponsored content: Your content appears within the survey results member email and article published publicly on
  • Sponsored question: Your question is asked in one or more Power Poll surveys. You have exclusive access to the results and have the option to release the results.

Learn more about our Sponsorship Packages.

Open a Power Poll Market

We are rapidly expanding throughout the United States. We seek media partners or market correspondents who can do the following:

  • add to the list of powerful people in their city and maintain the up-to-date quality of the list;
  • write, and send out, one survey per month to the editor's respective Power Poll member list;
  • publish a story reflecting each month's survey results and then email the story back to the Power Poll member list.

Market correspondents should have the following:

  • a deep awareness and understanding of their cities and its leading players;
  • an ability to write, meet deadlines, and get the facts straight;
  • a background in journalism;
  • basic computer skills (Power Poll's content platform is web-based).

If you are interested in launching a Power Poll in your market, please contact us.